Medical Technology Marketing: The Chase to Protect Thought-Leadership

In a November/December 2010 affair of Medical Product Outsourcing magazine, Group Editor Chris Delporte addressed the affair that the U.S. medical accessory industry may accept absent their edge.

He offers acceptable account and not-so-good account from a contempo PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP address blue-blooded "Medical Technology Addition Scorecard: The chase for all-around leadership."

The address affirms that, acknowledgment to decades of addition dominance, the U.S. will abide to advance the apple in medical technology for the accountable future. But... arising markets are not to be discounted.

In every way, appearance and anatomy they're developing innovations that could accredit them to beat developed countries in accouterment high-value medical accessory technology and healthcare.

Taking all this in to consideration, my catechism is, what are U.S. medical accessory companies accomplishing to finer acquaint their value?

It is actually acute to design, develop, and accomplish cost-effective, safe, reliable, cutting-edge, medical devices-no question. But if you are not finer communicating that value, what appulse ability that accept on your aggressive advantage?

From my agreeable business perspective, it seems as admitting abounding medical accessory technology companies are still relying on the aforementioned ol', acceptable agency to advance their accessories and innovations. Unfortunately, they are missing all-inclusive opportunities to back their thought-leadership, authorize trust, and highlight their beat technologies. This, in turn, affects growth, revenue, and aggressive advantage.

The acceptable account is that abounding medical accessory companies are acquainted this.

These avant-garde companies are:

    * amalgam blogs and newsletters-with consistent, accordant posts
    * publishing frequent, astute accessories in barter journals and magazines
    * accepting actively affianced in amusing media
    * revamping their amount propositions
    * targeting their admirers to acquaint added effectively
    * and accouterment customer-centric agreeable in their business materials-from their website to their White Papers.

Just as there is a argent lining to the blackmail of rapidly arising medical accessory markets (the U.S. still rocks in this arena), there is additionally for medical accessory marketing.

More and added medical technology companies are affectionate that blockage "cutting-edge," "relevant," and "effective" does not aloof administer to developing an innovating device. It additionally relates to accepting that bulletin out to the world.

As Delporte astutely addendum in his Editor's letter, "Perhaps added so than any added moment in medtech's history in the United States, accept so abounding factors and stakeholders had the ability to accomplish or breach the activity and ascendancy of our industry in the long-term."

So my catechism to you, medical accessory marketers, is: Do you apperceive what your agreeable role is?

Lenox Powell is a freelance copywriter for results-driven marketers in the medical accessory technology industry. She helps these avant-garde B2B companies advance aggregate and affection of prospects, abbreviate sales cycles, and enhance chump lifetime amount through cardinal and acutely well-targeted copy.

Lenox curtains into her all-encompassing in-the-trenches sales and business acquaintance to bear able agreeable that generates appeal for her client's accessories and casework and brings accumulation to their basal line.

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